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Track as it CAN be

DCT began implementing the athlete Declaration Process during the indoor season of 2022, and the benefits were immediate. 

Faster Track Meets (fans love this)
Full Sections/Heats
Competitive Sections/Heats

What does it mean

Declarations are really nothing more than athlete check in. Prior to each event event, all athletes that intend to participate must "Declare" or check in with the clerks. 
After the check in period has ended, we will seed the meet (meaning assign athletes to their lanes and sections).


Some things that coaches and athletes must do, for this process to work as intended.

  • ENTER - Coaches must enter their athletes in events prior to race day

  • GET RACE ID - Athletes should know their bib number when they report to the clerks. (hand numbers are included in this)

  • LISTEN - Athletes and Coaches should listen to annoucements, and also be aware that they check in is mandatory. If they miss check in, they will be scratched

Things you cannot do

Show up on race-day without prior entry. Athletes will not added. There is just not time for us to accommodate it.

Have coach check in athletes. (defeats the purpose and makes for empty lanes)


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